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Agency job placement


We provide companies with the right employees, in the form of
outsourcing or employee leasing.


Work in Poland and other European Union countries. We offer the best options for temporary or permanent employment.


We are recruiting,
we deal with administrative matters and conduct
Personnel and accounting records of employees.

About us

JDM Group S.A. traces its roots back to 1999. Our experience includes 22 years in the industry. The company in its current form was formed from the merger of JD Mercury, a company that offers services as an Employment Agency and Employee Outsourcing in Poland and abroad. The group includes 8 companies that are located in 6 countries and operate in the areas of employment outsourcing. Our company’s mission is to ensure that all clients have access to the best possible services in the provision of temporary workers, while guaranteeing efficient service at the highest level.

“The continued growth of our group of companies is our way of life.”

job offers


List of industries in which we have jobs

Kontroler jakości-pakowanie reflektory do samochodów

Wynagrodzenie 4000 zł netto
-Praca dla Kobiet i Mężczyzn
-Zapewniamy mieszkanie
-Miasto Bielska-Biała

Pracownik porządkowy- sprzątanie pomieszczeń, zbiór kartonu

Wynagrodzenie 3700 zł netto
-Praca dla Kobiet i Mężczyzn
-Zapewniamy mieszkanie
-Około miasta Olsztynek

Pracownik pomocniczy –
sortowanie i kontrola jakości borówek

Wynagrodzenie 4000 zł netto
-Praca dla Kobiet i Mężczyzn
-Zapewniamy mieszkanie
-województwo Podlaskie

Years of experience
Employed last year
Employers cooperate with us
Persons received a new profession



offer for your company

Are you looking for blue-collar workers? Having trouble finding a locksmith, turner, welder or other skilled professional?

Do you care about time, cost reduction and security of hiring foreigners? Contact us and we will help you find the right people to work for your company.

satisfaction from working with us

22 years of success in the industry

To meet the expectations of our customers, we are constantly developing. We are adjusting to the ever-changing labor market. All this is to ensure that our partners are fully satisfied with their cooperation with us.

Increase production, productivity
Saving time
Increase stabilization

Are you ready to start working together?

If you are in need of professional employee acquisition and retention services, we welcome your cooperation. Let’s start a conversation to identify needs and opportunities.

Join us on Social Media and stay up to date on the latest news in the job market.

Job opportunities

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